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Radio Sovetski
Why "Radio Sovetski?" Because "Sovetski" is one of the historical territories in the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan Baku. The place which possesses own subcultural values and traditions, as well as many historical and architectural buildings and where many ethnic groups of Azerbaijan are living, and which is known by its originality has been demolished since 2013 under the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At the result of the demolition, more than 100 of the architectural and locally essential buildings were destroyed; more than 40000 citizens subjected to move. For that reason, the name of the mentioned mass-media was called “Sovetski” trying to draw attention to this issue. Now about our radio. Radio Sovetski is multi ethnic platform between South Caucasus and Balkans. Are you interested in Caucasus music? If yes then join us every week on Saturday from 22.00! If you want to listen to Balkan music then you can listen to our radio every Monday and Saturday at 22.00 too. However every day from 07.00-11.00 you can listen to Azerbaijani pop music, and then from 11.00-17.00 and 18.00-22.00 we broadcast songs with mixed genres – rock, rap, ethno, pop etc. How about listening to news about Balkans and Caucasus? Every week we broadcast news in English (Sunday , 17.00-18.00), in Russian (Tuesday and t Saturday at 17.00-18.00) and in Azerbaijani (Wednesday and Friday 17.00-18.00). Join us from midnight till 07.00 and listen , chill out, ethno, other music without words. You can listen to Radio Sovetski pop songs which were popular in 1960-1990 in Soviet Union too and Anatolia. Dont forget tell about us to your friends and like us on facebook and follow in youtube. Thank you! Radio Sovetski - A different radio!
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